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Homeopathy Myths and Facts

Updated: Jan 29

HOMEOPATHY IS UNSCIENTIFIC SCIENTIFIC is one thing in which there is a HYPOTHESIS then there is a proposed SET OF EXPERIMENTS to confirm whether the hypothesis works or not, and if works it is labeled SCIENTIFIC. LIKES CURES LIKE is a hypothesis that a drug that cures something is the same that produces that thing in a healthy human being. The idea has been verified again and again infinite times since 1790 when Dr. Hahnemann experimented with Cinchona Bark. Again it is required to stress that the term PSEUDOSCIENTIFIC which is often used with Homeopathy is a misnomer. Either it is, scientific or unscientific, but experiments from the last 233 years were, continually proving that Homeopathy is completely SCIENTIFIC.


A placebo is supposed medicine with no medicinal value. The patient thinks he is taking the medicine and recovers. The idea is due to the higher dilution levels there is no medicinal value available with homeopathy dilutions. But the homeopathy dilutions act wonderfully in infants, toddlers, and animals. Also in many cases of cancers with metastasis, in cases of poisoning, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, homeopathy dilutions act wonderfully just like chemotherapeutic agents and in many cases fail to act or even harm the patient just like chemotherapeutic agents.


There is a saying that slow and steady wins the race, same goes with Homeopathy. The first thing is being slow is not bad in chronic and lifestyle diseases considering one day you stop all medication in contrast with taking lifelong medication. In acute cases like cough cold viral fever, gastritis, etc. the result is quick and we have video testimonials of that on our home page.


Many patients don't use Homeopathy out of the fear that it aggravates. Yes, that's half true because in some cases especially skin complaints were aggravated and that destroys the myth that homeopathy is a placebo or slow to act. But in most of that cases of Homeopathic aggravation, the aggravation is quick and short, and the following relief is long lasting.


Often with the homeopathic medicines many patient and even doctor's advices to avoid onion garlic or tea and coffee, but that's not always the case with each and every patient and with every case. Even in many instances it is well proven fact that there is no effect of these agents on the efficiency of homeopathic medicines.


Again there are many approaches in the homeopathy where pathology investigations prove to be a useful tool for successful prescription. There are different medicines for renal stone on right and left side. Even the exact place where the stone is lodged had different medicines ie separate medicine for stone in renal calyx or medulla or in ureter or in bladder. All this couldnt be possible without abdominal USG. similarly blood tests Xrays urine tests MRI scan etc... have there specific role in homeopathy.

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